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Kleese Construction specializes in quality custom home construction. Over the past few decades we have constructed homes in and around the Kenyon area ranging from contemporary to traditional. Each of our homes is unique as we work with our clients to design a home that fits their architectural style and budget. Our attention to detail ensures a quality product that will stand the test of time.Our team takes pride in building solid homes that provide real value to homebuyers. Kleese Construction is able to build in various locations, sizes and price ranges within its own developments in addition to off-site properties for the homebuyer. We also have an extensive background and history in residential remodeling and expansions. Remodeling work brings distinctive challenges that Kleese Construction deals with in a professional and straight-forward manner.

                 Kleese Construction:  4667 cty 30 BLVD Kenyon, MN 55946                      
                      Office: (507)-789-6313