| Construction Services |

Kleese Construction has been building quality for over 15 years and have been successful because of the variety of services we offer. Kleese Construction is proud to offer the following services:

  • General Contracting
  • New Construction
  • Windows and Siding
  • Additions and Remodeling
  • Interior Finish
  • Outbuilding Construction
  • Deck and Porches
  • Metal and Asphalt Roofing
  • Skid Loader Work/Grading

| The Construction Process |

1.  After contacting Kleese Construction regarding a proposed project, there will be a meeting between you and Kleese Construction where the project scope will be outlined.  In this meeting, you, the homeowner, will establish the parameters of the project as well as goals you look to accomplish.  Kleese Construction will discuss options within the scope of work, as well as additional work that would need to be completed with the project.

2.  Kleese Construction, along with its supplier and subcontractors will produce a rough project bid and schedule, as well as architectural drawings etc; along with an outline of work to be completed.  This information will be presented to the homeowner during the second consultation.  During this second meeting, the homeowner and Kleese Construction will review the plans and bid and discuss potential product alternatives, price points, and subcontractors.

3.  At the last meeting before construction commencement, a final bid, schedule, and construction documents will be presented the homeowner, where any remaining details of the project will be brought to attention.  After all products, scope of work, bids, and construction documents have been finalized, work will commence.

4. During the construction phase, Kleese Construction prides itself on making sure the homeowner is "in the know" on all construction activities.  Although we never anticipate any delays or unexpected problems for a given project, we are proactive about overcoming any unexpected delays or difficulties we may encounter.  During the construction phase, any and all change orders will be documented to ensure work is completed to plan and schedule.

5. Final closeout will and take place after the homeowner has conducted a walk through of the project and determined all work has been completed in accordinace with the construction documents.  Kleese Construction stands by its work and offers extensive warranties on all its projects.

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| Community Resources |

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