| About |

Kleese Construction is a small residential construction company, dedicated to ensuring home owner satisfaction no matter how large or small a project may be. With driven employees, and over a decade of experience, we separate ourselves from other contractors in that we take pride in our hard work ethic and commitment to perfection. We are also unique from competitors because of the variety of services we perform, as well as the long list of reputable sub-contractors we can offer. Kleese Construction is proud to service South East Minnesota and we look forward to working with you!

| Sustainability |

From incorporating multi-purpose materials to working efficiently and allocating resources, Kleese Construction strives to use sustainable practices in  every project.  We build for tomorrow, meaning that we look at every aspect of a project and determine specific materials and engineering that will make it a time lasting structure into the future.

| Remodels/Custom Homes |

Kleese construction differentiates itself from other companies in that we view remodeling as a great challenge to mesh existing style and design into a new space, while seamlessly tying the two together.  We, along with several chosen architects and designing companies work closely with you, the home owner to create a lasting space that incorporates all of your needs/wants in your new space.  Our past projects speak for themselves, whether it be a small bathroom remodel, your dream kitchen, or a new custom home.

| Quality/Speed/Cost |

Quality, speed, and cost are our focus when approaching every project no matter the size.  We are dedicated craftsmen, meaning we take every opportunity to perfect every detail throughout your project.  Whether it be planning and proposing your project, or installing cabinets during construction, we take quality control very seriously.  We compliment every quality project by completing it in a timely manner.  By finishing every project on time and on budget we have you enjoying your project sooner.  Lastly, no project is better enjoyed than when it comes in on or under budget.  By doing our job well and completing it quickly, you ultimately benefit financially. 

Kleese Construction: 4667 CTY 30 BLVD Kenyon, MN
Office: (507) 789-6313